Nikon F80s The Nikon F80 was introduced in February 2000. … Flickr

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The Nikon is certainly a lot bigger than classic manual-focus 35mm SLRs such as the Pentax MX (Pic: Aaron Gold) And, of course, the N8008 has autofocus with a motor in the camera body. It's a bit slow and noisy by digicam standards, but I've found it to be very accurate and quick enough (read: quicker than me). The N8008 can focus once or.

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The Nikon N80 (or "F80" to the rest of the world outside of the USA) was one of the last film SLR's that Nikon made, being produced from 2000 thru 2006. By the time it was introduced, the march toward digital cameras was already well underway. Nikon introduced the Nikon D1 DSLR in 1999 with a whopping 2.7 megapixel CCD sensor.

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History The F80 was introduced on January 27, 2000, to the worldwide consumer market. It was the successor to the F70 and was based on the highly successful F100 with the notable lack of the weatherproofing and ruggedness that characterizes that camera.

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The Nikon F80 or N80 as you may know it (depending on the area you live, Europe or America) is a wonderful SLR 35 mm cameras that was first sold in 2000. At that time it was one of the finest cameras you could get if you were into photography but were not a pro. Today, it remains a really fine camera to buy and start photography with.

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This is a swell little plastic camera. Except for it's slow flash sync speed, it has all the features you'd ever need for great photography. It is smaller, lighter and less than one-half the price of the F100 whose features it appears to duplicate or even improve upon.

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The N8008/F-801 was developed in the late 1980s and released in 1988. During this period it was Nikon's top-of-the-line 35mm SLR camera for photo enthusiasts, nestling just under the professional-grade F4 in the Nikon lineup.

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The Nikon F80 was introduced in February 2000. It was known as the Nikon N80 in the US.. The F80 was Nikon's successor to the F70.There are three versions: the original F80, the F80D which has a date imprint function and the F80S which has the date function of the F80D model as well as imprint exposure information between frames. In the Americas an N80QD version is also available with the date.

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These lenses have the new Distance measuring capability, and so will provide more accurate flash metering since the camera can better determine how far away the subject of the photo is. Nikkor 28-80mm f/3.5-5.6G

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Camera Specifications Make: Nikon Model: F80 aka N80 Type: Single Lens Reflex Format: 135 (35mm), 36x24mm Lens: Interchangeable, Nikon F-Mount Year of Manufacture: 2000-6 Nikon F80 - AF Nikkor 24mm 1:2.8D - Ilford Super XP2 @ ASA-400 Nikon F80 - AF Nikkor 24mm 1:2.8D - Ilford Super XP2 @ ASA-400 Background

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The Nikon N80 has a lot of similarities to the Nikon F100, including 5 focus points, great matrix metering, ability to change ISO, P, A, S, and M settings if you like the options of having more auto-exposure abilities, single image, burst, hot shoe, multiple exposure, self-timer, front and rear dials, and fits AF-S lenses.

Nikon F80s The Nikon F80 was introduced in February 2000. … Flickr

When shooting the Nikon F801, there are the options run from fully auto program to full manual control with various options in between, and with an immediate switch back to fully programmed auto by pressing the mode and drive buttons together for a few seconds. AF lenses are needed for this.

Nikon F80s The Nikon F80 was introduced in February 2000. … Flickr

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Film Camera Review: The most advanced high-end 35mm AF SLR film camera for film photography enthusiasts. T he Nikon F80 (N80 in the US), one of the most advanced of Nikon's SLR cameras, was launched as a high-end enthusiast model in January 2000, to succeed the F-801s (N8008s), which it replaces.

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The F80 was an electronically-controlled, single-lens-reflex, 35 mm film camera introduced by Nikon in January, 2000. Sold as the N80 in the United States, it succeeded the F70 in the mid-range of Nikon's autofocus line-up, though it appears not to have inherited its design from the camera it replaced.

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The Film Point and Shoot Camera on Steroids | Nikon F80 10,191 views Some people might find it a sin, but using a modern film SLR as a point and shoot is kind of a perfect tool for capturing.

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